professional services

Wyn-Jones Consulting

Working as a marketing and media consultant, I provide freelance support services to a range of individuals, expeditions, businesses and organisations in the third sector. With a strong background in marketing, and having founded a number of successful businesses, I now apply and share my experience and knowledge with the clients I work with.

Adventure Media Consultancy

Self publicising an adventure project can be a daunting task and is often underestimated. I work with clients to understand their project goals and how they would like to engage with the media both online and offline. Creating a bespoke strategy for each project is crucial, I work with stakeholders to define and refine their strategy, to ensure relevant and targeted content is syndicated to the most appropriate media channels.

Adventure Sponsor Engagement

Finding sponsors is often the toughest element of getting an adventure project off the ground. Competition is strong and budgets are sought by a wide range of organisations and charities. Making your project stand out from the crowd is imperative, impactful and honest sponsorship proposals are crucial to success of any project and I help write and edit these documents.

Adventure Speakers

I work with adventurers and athletes that want to share their inspirational stories with a wider audience. From corporate engagements, schools and universities, I connect speakers and audiences across the UK. With a particular specialism in the education sector, I work with a number of speakers that offer discounted speaking services to inspire and enthuse children and young adults.