about me

I am Owen, well, Owain really but I got fed up of being called O’Wayne so Owen kind of stuck as a natural translation!  I am Welsh by blood and by birth and very proud of that fact, but since moving to Shropshire at 4 years of age I have also become a very proud adopted Shropshire Lad.  I am very happily married to Laraine, and a proud father to Cameron. I live in the small town of Shifnal, Shropshire which boasts (amongst other things) more restaurants & pubs than inhabitants…. I like it in Shifnal!

My life was punctuated dramatically in 2009 when I suffered a Stroke aged just 30. Life was good, business was going well and I had fallen for a woman who would eventually become my wife.  I was relatively fit, had no history of ill-health and out of the blue I suffered an Ischemic Stroke whilst staying with friends in Staffordshire.  Fortunately for me my wife had seen the Act F.A.S.T advertisements on the television just days before I fell ill. I was rushed to North Staffordshire Hospital and received the life saving treatment (Thrombolysis) within a critical 3 hour window.  I made a great physical recovery within days and was out of hospital in under a week. That day changed the course of my life and I had to give up my business (very reluctantly) to concentrate on my long term recovery. I spent the following 12 months getting involved with charities, cardiovascular & research networks, universities and threw myself into voluntary work which helped greatly with my recovery. Alas, after 12 months, and a spot of Heart Surgery, I needed to pay the gas bill and had to return to full time work… right from the very bottom again!

Starting from scratch again my professional life took a number of different paths during the early ‘post Stroke’ years.  It culminated with me finding the adventure industry – and started a love affair with all things outdoors!

During 2013 I worked with Sean Conway as he became the first person in history to swim the length of Britain from Lands End to John ‘o Groats.  Living and working at sea for 135 days I managed the PR and media responsibilities, alongside acting as 1st mate aboard the support yacht.