Hi there, and thanks for visiting!

 Well, I thought I’d introduce myself, so here goes;

I’m an early thirties Shropshire girl, who loves trying out new activities and sports while battling a serious lazy streak!  I have no particular talents but I love being outdoors and active, preferably in the rain. 

 Rather than making this a huge long page, I figured I’d keep it simple with ten facts about me.

 1) I have an amazing husband. Fact. I’m married to Owain (generally referred to as O) and he’s a superstar. He appears a lot in this blog. 

 2) I love to read. Nothing intellectual, I read Anna Karenina a while ago in an attempt to get some culture in my life and frankly I wasn’t impressed. I’ll stick to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

3) I enjoy running am a retired runner!! am still running! Despite ‘retiring’ at least every six months, I just can’t give it up. If you have a look at my Races page, you’ll see the times on there. They’re not good.

4) So far in my life, I’ve attempted the following activities: gymastics, trampolining, horse riding, tap dance, figure skating, vaulting, pole dancing, kayaking, scuba diving, ballet, rugby, hiking, mountain biking, running, climbing, bouldering, canoeing…

 5) I love pink kit.  If it comes in pink, I have it.  Even my mountaineering boots have pink laces in. 

6) I love my family. We’re very close, though they do think O and I are slightly mad on account of the adventures, and more accurately all the injuries we incur between us as a result.

7) I’m a rubbish cook.  More accurately, I’m a lazy cook.  I can’t be bothered.  Luckily, O is more domesticated and cooks very well, saving us from malnutrition.

 8) I’m scared of the dark. Pathetic, I know. However, I overcame this marathon training a few years ago when I had to run in the dark. Turns out I run a lot faster when I’ve convinced myself there are werewolves behind me.

 9) We have a few pets; two cats called Benny and Molly. Molly is slightly pyschotic. We also have two chickens and four ducks. (These are our original two ducks, Looby and Scooby in the picture). Oh dear, I’m a bit sad now. We only have one cat now. The ducks were rehomed and we lost the chickens and Benny the cat last year. Boo.


10) O and I are big supporters of the Stroke Association. You’ll probably see me wearing a Stroke Association vest in a lot of my running pictures. This is because O had a stroke in 2009 at the age of 30. He’s made a fantastic recovery, and we owe the Stroke Association a huge thank you.