How it all started

Thanks to the Facebook timeline, I found the actual day when I decided I was going to start running!

I remember the context; O had dragged me out on my first bike ride in about 6 years. We drove to Madeley, and then cycled 16 miles to Bridgnorth and back. Unfortunately, by the time we made it back to Ironbridge, I was shattered and threw a bit of a temper tantrum which consisted of me sitting on a bench outside a pub and refusing to move. O had to cycle back up the big hill (known as B*****d Hill – it’s a killer) and collect the car, then come back to collect me.

Anyway, once I got home and had recovered slightly, I decided I needed to invest in some padded cycling shorts since my backside was killing me. I had a nosy on and decided that tri-suits looked far more flattering than cycling shorts. An idea was born..

Extract from Facebook

19 April 2010

  1. has decided to take part in a triathlon. After falling over laughing, O has agreed to help me train. Hmm, where to start…..

    223Like ยท

    • Kelly lifting cake!

    • LaraineI can’t! O says the first step is to stop eating junk. Boo.

    • Joanne Your mad

    • Kelly rubbish .. what does he know ?

    • Felicity Wow, well done you! I soo need to get fit so if you fancy meeting for a run a few times a week count me in! x

    • Linda sounds like fun….good luck!

    • Laraine That would be fab Flick! Just let me know when and where xx

    • Felicity Any night this week hon, could meet you from work and go somewhere round there? Also really need to start spinning again, seriously great way to get fit if you fancy it? x

    • Laura Bloody hell Rainey, what on earth are you thinking??????????

    • Joanne So does this mean no more Pie of the day for a while?

    • Kelly doesn’t spinning just make you giddy rather than fit …. ?

    • Linda Spinning is excellent love it….and miss it! And you need all the carbs you can get when training so bring on the cakes and pies!

    • Felicity It’s killer but gets results soo quickly and means pies are definitely still in so all good :-) x

    • Laraine Mmm, pie. I’m going to miss pie, and lamb bhuna and salt n chilli spare ribs, and garlic naan bread and beef in black bean sauce, and steak bakes and snaps and chicken satay skewers and lamb chops and chicken kievs and double cheeseburgers……..

    • Joanne lol

    • Eleri You’ll have to do a hell of a lot of spinning to burn that lot off!!

    • Laraine I know, I’ve got a lot of work to do! I’m planning my first run for tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone updated if I’m still alive!!!!

    • Kelly WHEN I amworkng back in Telford (how positive is that statement?! lol) I want to go to a boxercise class.. happy to team up with you on exercise if you want too my lovely .. we can sweat & pant together… wait.. that sounds wrong … lol!

    • Laraine ha ha ha, thanks Kel. xx Thanks for the positivity everyone, I need it as my supportive husband is still creased up laughing!

    • Lee Speak to dans Bec she is doing them. But then again you are married to a pro if you listen to the BBC

    • Laraine Iit was me who told them that! ha ha

Following this interesting conversation, I went out for my first run with my lovely friend Felicity, and a runner was born!


Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I found myself a 1 mile circuit by home, and spent the few months building up to running a whole mile without stopping. I’m not joking, it really did a few months. I couldn’t even run 100 yards when I started!!

Anyhow, I got there eventually and on 21st July 2010 I managed to run 3 miles without stopping. A very proud day.