2015 in review

It’s that time of year where I review my goals that I wrote down at the end of 2014 and compare them to what I’ve actually achieved throughout the year.  The tricky part this year is that I can’t find my pink diary where I write down my goals so I’ve no idea what I actually wanted to get done this year… awkward.

One week after writing the above paragraph, I’ve finally found my pink diary and can remind myself of what my goals were for this year!

This is where things get weird.  I had three finance related goals which I’m not going to share because they’re personal and no one is really interested.  However, you’d think that giving up my ‘real’ job back in February would mean the finance goals took a hit.  Strangely enough, it’s been completely the opposite. All three goals were met. First time ever, after having the same goals for around three years now.  Looks like walking away from the rat race of the commercial world really isn’t as bad for your pocket as you’d think!

The work goal is irrelevant; I’d been trying to work my way towards a promotion in my previous job.  Well, I might not have been promoted in that company but since I’m now the boss of my own company and have a view like this from my ‘office’, I’ll class that goal as well and truly smashed!

Same as last year, I had a whole list of hobbies/fitness goals as follows:

  • Achieve 2* in kayaking
  • Complete an ultra marathon
  • Learn to lead climb
  • Try white water kayaking
  • Climb Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis
  • Cycle from London to Paris

Well, I’ve not been in a kayak for over a year now – other than fishing from our Canadian Canoe (named Apsley) and frankly ambling round the bay with a fishing rod in one hand and a can of beer in the other really isn’t going far towards achieving those kayaking related goals. I’m not too worried though; being in a position to close the office when business is quiet and go fishing from a canoe is not a bad thing at all!

The ultra marathon is a slightly embarassing one; I had entered the Millenium Way Ulra, a 38 mile trail through Staffordshire.  It was held in March and I thought it would be perfect since it was close to home, and Owain was still working up on Eigg at the time so it gave me something to focus on.  Then I ended up coming up to Eigg and didn’t want to leave my husband after not seeing him for two months just for the ultra… Whoops.  I’m not sure if it counts as an ultra, but in May my buddy Sarah and I hiked coast to coast across Scotland, covering in the region of 200 miles whilst carrying all our kit.  There’s a recap here.  It might not be an ultra marathon but we had an amazing time and I have very fond memories of those two weeks.

Lead climbing – no.  Not even close.  I think I’ve climbed once this year.  Rubbish. I also haven’t climbed Scafell Pike or Ben Nevis, though I do see Ben Nevis fairly frequently each time I drive backwards and forwards between Shropshire and Eigg.

The only Hobbies goal I can tick off with any certainty is cycling from London to Paris (recap here).  That was successfully (ish) completed in May and I’ve since sold my road bike, having vowed to never go near one again.  With the passing of time though (and now the friction burns in my arse have healed) I’m feeling the urge to get on the road again and am trying to talk Owain into a short (500 mile) cycle tour along the North Coast 500...

So that’s the recap of the written goals, but what about all those things I achieved that I had never even thought about at the end of 2014?

Well, obviously there’s the big one of leaving the corporate world to move to a small rock in the Atlantic and run a mountain bike hire company.  That was a pretty big one!

There was the TGO Challenge, that 200 mile hike that I mentioned earlier.  Once again, amazing memories and something I’ve really proud of.

Did I ever mention in my blogs this year that I’m now a qualified GB Archery instructor??  That wasn’t ever on my radar but does make me feel quite cool!

I got nominated as Outdoor Personality of the Year in the TGO Awards.  That was pretty amazing, and I became a Campsite Correspondent!

Oh, and I finished off the year in style completing a 5k mud run with my buddy Kim.  My first mud run ever and it was bloody brilliant!  Full blog on that is on it’s way.

I need to spend some time sitting down now all the Christmas and New Year chaos is over and concentrate on what I want to achieve in 2016.  It’s going to have to be pretty epic to beat this year, but I have high hopes.

Happy new year all!


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