Gone with the wind

I’m so proud of myself today; I’ve just been out for a run.  I did 3.3 miles at an average page of 13.30 min miles and I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased with a run!

It’s howling a gale out there, it’s blowing at an average of 45mph with gusts up to 60mph and no matter which direction I ran in, it was straight into a headwind.  It’s also raining.  Rain at 60mph is painful.

Today's forecast

Today’s forecast

I ran one of my favourite routes through the forest, it’s single track, undulating and boggy.  I tend to have to walk quite a lot of it cos running uphill in ankle deep bog is impossible for me – at the moment.  Maybe one day I’ll be fit enough to just fly through!

My first mile was a 14.58.  About what I’d expect, in fact I was expecting about a 16 minute mile so this was a pleasant surprise.

About halfway through the second mile, the boggy single track turns into more of a 4×4 track so it’s much easier to run on, though very muddy and full of deep puddles.  Once I got onto this I stopped all walking breaks and ran the second mile in 13.04.  Again, I’m pretty pleased with this one because it means I ran the second half at a halfway decent pace, considering I would have been walking some of the first half mile.

The last mile takes me out of the forest and back onto the road which leads me home.  This is uphill pretty much all the way and completely exposed to the wind.  It was painful and I felt like I was running through treacle, it was such hard work!  I was therefore over the moon to find out my last mile was 12.55!  Woohoo.

I really thought that run would end up being an average of 16 minute miles, so considering the weather and the terrain, I’m so chuffed!  I’m also still on that high that comes after being out in horrible weather, then getting home and having a shower and a cup of tea! Can you tell?!

I did plan to get more pictures because this is such a beautiful run, but it was raining that hard that there was no way I taking my phone out of the waterproof case.  It still hasn’t recovered from being dropped in a puddle of whisky last month! Just to make this post a little more exciting, here’s a couple of pictures from the same route but from earlier this year!

Back in the spring, when the sun was shining and the trail was not ankle deep in mud!

Back in the spring, when the sun was shining and the trail was not ankle deep in mud!

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