Why I Love… my UV Insect Shield Buff

Before I headed off to Scotland on the TGO Challenge in May, www.kitshack.com got in touch to ask if I’d like to try out a Buff from their collection.  Considering the midges that I’d been swarmed by while canoeing the Great Glen Way last year, I jumped at the chance and requested the Insect Shield Buff.

Now, I’ve worn Buffs before and the main reason I love them is the versatility of them; from using purely as a neck warmer when cycling in the rain from London to Paris, to wearing as a blackout mask when camping in mid summer and trying to sleep in bright sunshine from 5am.  In this case, however, I wore my Buff every single day without fail as a hairband to keep my insanely big hair out of my face.  Literally, every day. Day 1 in Mallaig - note the relatively tidy hair

Day 1 – Mallaig – note the relatively tidy hair

With regards to the Insect Shield element of the Buff, well, it clearly worked.  On one particular day, as we left the Glas-Allt-Shiel bothy to walk alongside Lock Muick on the Balmoral estate, Sarah was plagued by insects.  I knew they were there but they certainly didn’t harass me the way they did Sarah.  At the end of 12 days hiking through the Highlands, I had the grand total of zero insect bites.  A cracking result, I’d say!

Day 3 - the hair has started to make it's escape

Day 3 – the hair has started to make it’s escape

The Buff also has UV protection.  Whilst this wasn’t a huge issue since it rained most of the time, there were a couple of sunny days and the UV Protection certainly worked, as can be attested by the ridiculous tan line I ended up with across my forehead…

One of the sunnier days

Day 5 – one of the sunnier days

I was pretty chuffed with the Buff; I liked the colour, it kept my hair out of my face (most of the time), it stopped me getting chewed by the insects and amazingly after being worn for 12 days straight, it didn’t stink!  Don’t me wrong, it wasn’t fragrant by any stretch of the imagination but considering the sweat that it soaked up and the couple of occassions it was used as a towel, it did pretty damn well.  Frankly, anything that keeps the midges away from your face is well worth an investment- and this looks far cooler than a midge net! I’m keen to test this out again in July/August when the midges will be out in full force to see how it performs.  I shall report back then.

Day 9 - can you tell it's windy up there?!

Day 9 – can you tell it’s windy up there?!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Buff free of charge by www.kitshack.com.  All views are my own.

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