Sealskinz: what’s in the bag?

Having finally unpacked my rucksack three weeks after getting home from the TGO Challenge, having hiked across Scotland, I found it quite easy to get involved in Sealskinz’ What’s In The Bag campaign this summer; I just had to look at all the Babybel wax smushed into the lining of my bag to know what I like to carry with me when in the outdoors!

Sealskinz are asking YOU what is it you carry with you when on outdoor adventures. They’re looking for your hints and tips and the most innovative ideas so get a picture of your bag and get it onto social media and you could win a prize.  You can tweet to @sealskinz with #sealskinzinthebag and tag Sealskinz on Instagram at @sealskinzinsta, using the same hashtag, or you can add photos to Facebook at

Get thinking and get social media-ing!  Apart from anything, I’m really keen to see what other people eat when outside for long periods of time.  Am I missing out on anything?  I was introduced to falafel by Rosie last year and that’s another staple for me.

Here’s my bag and explanation of the contents:

Whats in the bag

Sealskinz waterproof beanie – my all-time favourite hat.  Yes, its summer but it’s
also the UK and you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to get rained on at
some point.  Also the reason for my Montane waterproof, which folds up really small and takes up very little space.

Sealskinz Fairfield gloves – I love these gloves.  They’re windproof and water repellent.  I wear them constantly, whether hiking, biking or climbing.

Chorizo and Babybel – my ‘go to’ snacks for when out hiking or biking.  They go
nicely together and taste good, even when warm and mushed up.  Yummy!

First aid kit – it’s quite a chunky one but extremely comprehensive.  I’m qualified in
Outdoor First Aid and this contains pretty much everything.  I also stash a compass
and whistle in there too.

Buff – this one is insect repellent, which is ideal for hiking in Scotland in the summer!  I like the versatility of a Buff, whether it’s round your neck or holding your hair back.  Very handy.

Map – If I’m going on a short walk, I’ll print out an A4 map from the OS GetaMap website then laminate it.  It saves me carrying a full OS map, which invariably ends up a torn muddy mess – mainly because I can’t be bothered to fold them properly…

Sunglasses – I’m quite a fan of these Breo ones at the moment.  I like the colour and they’re made out of soft touch rubber which is really comfortable.

Water bottle – sometimes I’ll take a 3l bladder with me, instead of a water bottle but I always carry water.

Emergency blanket – my Dad buys me these for Christmas as a stocking filler, so I
generally have a couple in each bag I use.  They weigh next to nothing and they’re useful to keep with you.  Top tip – if you’re camping and are a little chilly, line the inside of your sleeping bag with one.  It’ll reflect your body heat and keep you warm.

Flip-flops – Admittedly these are sometimes left in the car rather than carried with me, but when I’ve finished a long hike I can’t wait to get my boots and socks off and stick my flip-flops on!

So, that’s what’s generally in my bag.  Now I’d like to see what you’re all carrying, and let’s see if you can win some prizes with @sealskinz #sealskinzinthe bag!

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