New beginnings

Well, it’s been a seriously long time since I last wrote a blog post and that’s cause SO MUCH STUFF happened! I’m not even sure where to start…

I’ll start with where I am now.  I’m currently sat on the Isle of Eigg, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.  It’s pouring with rain outside and it’s blowing at about 50-60mph.  Hence why I’m inside and not out there.

The reason I’m on the Isle of Eigg (size: approx 12 square miles, population: approx 83) is because Owain was offered a short term contract here, providing marketing and PR support to the creative small businesses on the island.  Owain leaving home to come up here at the end of February made me realise a few things; firstly, that I really REALLY miss him when he works away; secondly, that I no longer felt fulfilled in my job as a Project Manager for an IT company; and thirdly, that it was time to take a few chances.

Roll on a couple of weeks and I’ve handed my notice in at work, rented our house out, packed up a few bags and arrived on the Isle of Eigg to begin a career as a freelance writer…

Exciting but sh*t scary!!

I’ve now been self employed for a grand total of two weeks, and I still can’t quite believe it’s actually happened.  I’ve always struggled to settle in office jobs, yet that’s what I’ve done for over 15 years, working in the Financial and IT industries. Despite being pretty good at what I did and having a number of professional qualifications, I always felt very restless.  Even more so in the past couple of years since Owain and I have started having more outdoor adventures.  I found myself increasing twitchy as I looked out of the office window, thinking about where I’d prefer to be.

Stunning scenery

Stunning scenery

So, we got brave.  We decided to take a huge gamble, packed up some stuff and headed up to the Isle of Eigg.

I’m still not sure how it’s all going to turn out.  I’ve had a lot of moments where I’ve thought ‘what the hell am I doing’.  Leaving a secure job which paid well in order to embark on a freelance journey…  I can’t even buy trail shoes now cos I need to watch the pennies!!  I jest.  It’s been a big move, not least moving 500 miles away from my family whom I’m currently missing like mad.

However, at some point you have to gamble and take the risk in order to live the life you want to.  We’ve rolled the dice, so let’s see what it brings us!

Smiling on the beach at Kildonnan Bay, Isle of Eigg

Smiling on the beach at Kildonnan Bay, Isle of Eigg


4 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Laraine, even by your standards, that is a mighty blog!!! I love it though and sincerely hope you and Owain enjoy yourself out there! You only live once; plenty of time to be boring later! There’s no way I’m marking my books now, I’m researching remote islands!!! Take care.

    • Ha ha, thanks Mark! It’s amazing up here, I have to keep pinching myself so I know it’s real and actually happening! Scottish islands are amazing, everyone should visit them. Take care.

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