Surgically attached the sofa

Well, okay, not surgically but it feels like it!

I thought over the last couple of years I’d well and truly conquered my lazy streak but it turns out all that is needed to turn me back into a junk food eating, sofa slobbing, lazy scrote is Christmas and a few minor injuries and illnesses.

Before Christmas, various work lunches and parties got me out of the habit of going to the gym, family visits got me out of my weekend runs and before I knew it, December had passed with minimal exercise and a huge increase in calories being consumed! No bother, I thought to myself, I’ll relax over the holidays and get back on it in January.

Well, that didn’t go quite to plan.  A well timed fall down the stairs lead to concussion and a week of being unable to do more than move from bed to sofa and back to bed again.  The following week was my birthday and while I managed a few gym sessions, I completely wiped out any benefit by eating my bodyweight in steak, curry, Chinese and pizza in various birthday celebrations.

I’m now seeing out January on the sofa, in my dressing gown, eating cake for breakfast and wondering where it all went wrong.  I weigh a good half a stone more than I did last autumn and my fitness has disappeared in a carb induced fog.

The more time I spend on the sofa, the less I actually want to get up and do anything; lethargy is dragging me back to my slobby days of my late twenties.

Something needs to be done.  But not this weekend.  I can’t be bothered.

What happens when someone takes away my cake

What happens when someone takes away my cake

But come Monday I have a plan of action; I’m joining a new running club and will be out with them on Monday and Wednesday, and possibly Friday too.  Monday night I’ll also be tagging along with my sister to a yoga class.  Tuesdays and Fridays will be my normal weights classes at the gym, and Thursday will see me at a Stretch and Destress class at the gym.  I figure I’ll need that and the yoga after all the running and weights.

Normally, I’ve never been one for classes or organised exercise.  I always just got myself to the gym and went out for runs whenever I felt like it, but I seem to have a lost a lot of confidence in myself (no doubt related to the weight gain and feeling like utter shite) so I think the structure will be just what I need.  Everything is written down in my diary and I shall take great pleasure in ticking off each class as I attend.  I’ve come up with an incentive too (other than feeling healthy and getting fit again).  If I manage my first week of this plan, without eating junk food, I’m treating myself to a new pair of Salomon Speedcross 3’s.  They’ll come in handy for the ultra marathon I’m doing in four weeks…

I’ve also just placed my grocery order and leafy green vegetables feature heavily on the list.  I’ve found a few tasty but easy sounding receipes and healthy eating will commence tonight.  I’m really looking forward to it; I forgot how utterly crap I feel when I eat nothing but junk food – and eating birthday cake for breakfast didn’t really help.  Question; does drinking green tea make up for eating cake for breakfast??

Now, let’s see what magic I can work in the next four weeks and see if I can get myself ready for an ultra marathon.

N.B – I’m not a fast runner.  At my absolute best, I can just about scrape a 10 minute mile.  Don’t think I’m expecting to smash this ultra in four weeks.  I just want to complete the 38 miles in the time limit of 11 hours – and preferably not end up in a hedge, crying.


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  1. Classic! Happy New Year x2 then, (seeing as it apparently is going to start on February 1st!) Whilst falling down the stairs undoubtedly classes as ‘muppetry’ it’s not quite as outdoorsy/adventury as your usual efforts! Good luck with your new regime!

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