Last night O and I watched an absolutely amazing tv programme.  I’m not normally one for tv but O had heard this programme was well worth a watch.

I can confirm, it’s well worth a watch.

It’s a documentary/biopic/true story called Marvellous and it’s all about a chap called Neil Baldwin.  He was born with learning difficulties, in Stoke on Trent and it follows his life as he refuses to allow his learning difficulties to hold him back from following his dreams.  In fact, as Neil says “what difficulties?”

It’s an absolutely beautiful programme, the story itself is just amazing and the way it was made is incredible. I cried several times throughout but finished watching it with a lot on my mind and a smile on my face.

Neil’s attitude to life is inspiring; I’m paraphrasing here but at one point he said “I decided I wanted to be happy, so I was.”  Neil has achieved everything he’s wanted simply by wanting it and not contemplating that he couldn’t do it.

It’s so easy to give up on your dreams by coming up with excuses, thinly disguised as reasons but imagine what you could accomplish if you knew you couldn’t fail? I’m just as guilty as anyone for blaming a full time job and a mortgage for being the reason I can’t follow my dreams but  having watched Marvellous, whilst I’m not about to ditch the job and go live in a campervan, I am going to think a little more about the way I view life and my goals.  I’m going to channel Neil. If I knew I could succeed at something, would I just go and do it, or is there genuinely something stopping me other than fear of failure?

Okay, that’s enough of the deep thinking.  It’s giving me a headache. Make sure you watch Marvellous though.

(It was first aired on BBC2 and is available on the iPlayer.)




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