Why I love… Sealskinz socks

After this weekend’s adventures in the Lake District, I have a new found love for my Sealskinz socks.

Remember I said how much it rained on Saturday and how wet we all got?  Well, I wasn’t joking.  When I took my boots off in the drying room back at the Elterwater Hostel, I turned them upside down and water came out of them.  It made a little puddle on the floor.

My feet however, despite tromping around in sloshy boots for four hours, were absolutely bone dry.  Dry. As. A. Bone.

That wasn’t the best bit though.  When it came to putting my still soggy boots back on the next day, I couldn’t tell!  The Sealskinz had dried out nicely overnight and meant my feet didn’t have to suffer the grimness that is putting damp boots on!

I seriously love these socks.

While I’m in the throes of Sealskinz love, I’ll carry it on with this hat that Rosie rocked up in!  It’s not only gorgeous, it’s waterproof!  This hat is most definitely on my Got To Have list.

Rosie in the middle, in her very cool hat!

Now, I do love my Rab hat (as seen above – I’m the one on the left in case you don’t know what I look like) but if I was being fussy about it – and I am – then it’s not really long/big enough.  It doesn’t quite cover my ears and I hate having cold ears.  Also, it’s not waterproof.  Very warm, but not waterproof.
Rosie’s hat covered her ears, looked cool and kept her head dry.

Can you tell I have hat envy?!

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