The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show – The Products

Obviously there were a lot of products on display at the show, along with a huge amount of adventure holidays!  After spending quite some time lusting after various items of clothing on the Blacks stand, I went for a wander to see if any products caught my eye.

Turns out there were several!

The first one came to my attention while I was at the Blacks stand, chatting to Jim from Gore-Tex. He started telling us all about these amazing insoles he’d got from a chap who was a former cricketer and had developed these orthotics.  All the time Jim was telling us this, he was bouncing around like Tigger!  O and I decided to check them out.

It’s a company called OrthoSole and the cricketer in question is Ronnie Irani.  The full story of how he came up with OrthoSole can be found here.  In a nutshell, these orthotics are generic, but can be adapted to your feet with two adjustable areas to create a custom fit. 

We spent some time chatting to Lorraine from OrthoSole (great name!), she’s married to Ronnie and is involved in the business as Sales and Finance Director.  Lorraine showed us a fantastic demo of the material they use in OrthoSole; by dropping a golf ball on to it.  Sounds simple, but when the golf ball was dropped onto the table, it bounced a few times and rolled off.  When she dropped the golf ball onto the Poron XRD material, it didn’t bounce at all!  Impressive. 

Definitely a product I’m keen to try out – especially considering my ongoing battle with shin splints and possible stress fractures!

The next product is something we could have done with in Scotland the week before the show; SplashMaps!  These clever little doofers are made with washable all-weather fabric, so you can draw on them, stuff them in your pocket, wrap them round your neck, fold them, even use them as a tourniquet if needed.  It certainly beats that moment where you’re trying to fold an OS map to the right part in 45 mph winds!

The last product that I really liked is one that female runners should prick their ears up at!  When I ran the London Marathon in 2012, one of my biggest issues was with chafing.  Sorry if this is too much information, but basically I wore the wrong pants, and as a result couldn’t wear knickers for a week while the friction burns scabbed over and healed!  Trust me, it’s a mistake I’m not planning to make for the marathon in May! 

As a result, since then I’ve been looking at buying proper running pants, or runderwear!  But my inner Scrooge really objects at paying £16 for a pair of pants.  Yes, I know I’m stingy.    Anyway, this is where Microfibre Boxers come in!  These seamless microfibre pants are £3.50 per pair which is a bit of a bargain, and they have some fab testimonials on their site.  The down side is the skinny girls out there might struggle; these are one size fits all from 12-22. 

I’m planning to try some and give them a go before the marathon, so I’ll let you know how I get on size wise, since I border on a size 10-12. 

Anyway, those are my three favourite products of the show.  Who else went to the show?  What products did you see that you loved?

The last installment will be coming tomorrow, and I’m finally going to explain about that mouse!

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