Jelly legs

Today was the Chase 2 Coast reunion ride from July’s trip.  I was having second thoughts about attending because after last week’s Long Mynd Hike, then a seriously tough week at work I just needed a weekend of doing nothing.

However, the mud was calling and I was really looking forward to catching up with the C2C guys again, so after battling to change the inner tube on my bike last night, I headed off in the rain this morning.

It was great meeting up with Craig (the Chase 2 Coast guide) and the other chaps, and despite the rain and general chilliness we had a fab few hours riding up at Cannock Chase.  The rain clearly put people off because I’ve never seen it so quiet there!

There were a couple of good falls this morning (by several of us) but luckily no injuries, though I did have a special moment where I wasn’t paying attention and ended up in a huge puddle, lost my balance and wound up standing in muddy water up to my calves.  Lovely. 

These shorts were cream to start with – yes, I know it was a mistake to wear cream!

We stopped for a lunch break after a few hours, and over my sausage and bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, decided that I was going to call it a day.  I think my legs were remembering last week’s Long Mynd Hike and they just didn’t want to work.  Add that to being freezing cold, soaking wet and absolutely plastered in mud, I decided three hours of biking was enough. 

We jumped back on the bikes to get back to where the cars were parked, and none of us could warm up, despite the climbs.  By the time we got back to the cars, the general consensus was it was time to go home!

I can’t believe it’s three months since the Chase 2 Coast trip!  That has flown by.  It’s funny thinking back, I was so nervous about the trip; being a not particularly good mountain biker, having no clue about maintaining my bike and being the only the woman on the trip.  It ended up being an amazing experience, of which I loved (nearly) every minute.

It’s really nice that we’ve all stayed in touch and have plans to meet up again to bike together.  I’ve learned a lot from these guys, and it’s definitely given me a lot more confidence.  I can’t wait for Owain to get back from #swimmingbritain so I can show him my new skills and the trails I’ve found. 

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